Novak Laser

Levelers, Scrapers


Choosing the appropriate NOVAK technology for you? GPS, Laser or NOVAK’s GPS+Laser system

The NOVAK machines, scrapers, earthmovers and grader, can be used with different control systems. These allow creating the classic flat surfaces, slanted surfaces and also shapes defined in the customer’s design.

Laser technology

The NOVAK receiver is placed on a stand that can be controlled hydraulically; this allows adjusting the receiver to an appropriate height to receive the laser signal generated by the transmitter. The signal captured by the receiver is used to create the reference plane. The height adjustment of the blade is controlled by the control box that interprets the laser signal data.


Accuracy: ± 2 mm
Range: up to a distance of 650 m from the transmitter
Notes: high accuracy

GPS technology

Thanks to the signals received from geostationary GPS satellites and thanks to an antenna installed on the machine, the machine’s position on the ground can be determined precisely. As is the case for the laser system, software and control box process data by defining what position must have the machine and what height must have the blade.


Accuracy: ± 10 mm
Range: 5 km
Notes: can be used on large lots, good accuracy

NOVAK GPS+Laser system

The integrated NOVAK system combines the advantages of GPS and laser; the GPS defines the exact horizontal location of the machine while the laser defines the blade height with great precision. This allows you to automate the work programs efficiently and to also obtain an estimate of working time and related costs.


Accuracy: ± 2 mm
Range: up to a distance of 650 m from the transmitter
Notes: highly accurate, automated driving, calculation of slopes, indication of the path to follow, calculation of costs


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