Novak Laser

Levelers, Scrapers


The use of NOVAK laser levelers and scrapers in agriculture brings substantial economic benefits to the customer, who will quickly be repaid for their investment in the leveling machine. As evidence of this, you can immediately see significant reductions not only in the water consumption needed for field irrigation, but also in the time necessary for irrigation. A uniform surface, in fact, allows adequate water flow, ensuring that the correct amount is used at each point of the agricultural field. The possibility of varying the blade incidence angle during operation gives peace of mind for any type of terrain, from the hardest to the softest, always maintaining a high operating speed.

NOVAK laser levelers assure great accuracy in leveling the ground, allowing a reduction in chemical products by about 8%, and a reduction of seed by about 20%, with the consequent significant increase of the total production, which can reach as high as 40%. Thanks to the power sensor provided on the entire range of NOVAK products, the tractor won’t slip and never stops, ensuring a reduced number of passes and a more rapid execution of work. With NOVAK 3-section blade models, you can work with one central blade folding the lateral blades to the rear, a special and distinctive feature of the NOVAK brand. This allows you to simultaneously have both a small and a large machine.

Novak laser levelers offer the following advantages:

Water savings of 50%

Fertilizer savings of 8%

Seed savings of 20%

Reduction of operating time of 7%

Increased production by up to 40%

The investment in the machine is repaid by the working of the first 70 hectares