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Nowadays, the NOVAK brand represents the very best in the market with regard to laser and GPS technology machines used for terrain work.

The company, founded in 1984, experienced a major reorganization in 2006. Simultaneously, the entire range of products, while maintaining the traditional quality and technology, was further modernized, reaching its present state of excellence and becoming a reference point for those who want a high performance machine, that is of great quality, and is able to work under any conditions.

Going from the small grader and the scraper, up to the large leveler with rear axle pantograph, the NOVAK range includes a good 6 categories, totaling 26 machines.

The characteristic closure of the blades towards the rear of the machine, and the dark red and white colors make these machines unmistakable, and they are now the benchmark for the sector.

All NOVAK machines are designed and manufactured in Italy and are subjected to thorough quality controls. In addition, they have standard equipment that is superior to market standards and the machines are sold with a 3-year warranty.

For all of the above reasons, the NOVAK brand is known and appreciated in 9 countries across the world and boasts a large and well-established customer base.

Qualified Personnel

Available and highly qualified personnel able to ensure a rapid response


Cutting-edge laser technology to enable accurate and optimal results measurements


Considerable savings in terms of time and money thanks to the use of efficient machines and quality


NOVAK is the Italian market's pioneering brand in the laser leveler sector. Always the market leader, NOVAK has over the years been able to maintain high quality standards and to invest in the technological development of its products in order to guarantee the outstanding reliability of its machines. The great loyalty of customers towards the brand shows that NOVAK machines keep all their stated promises of productivity. Current NOVAK shareholders continue to this day in their passionate activity of improving and developing the range, with the aim of offering the very best to the market, and to be regarded as the standard of excellence in the world of terrain leveling.


NOVAK's story was brought to life by three people from different industries who shared their ideas, and brought them to benefit the agricultural world. The leaders of this union are engineers Mario Codecà and Roberto Gaietta, and the Bolognese entrepreneur Paolo Gramigna. At the time, Mario Codecà and Roberto Gaietta were employees of a manufacturing firm in earth moving equipment, while Paolo Gramigna was responsible for the imporation from America of Spectra, the first visual inspection laser system. Later, Paolo Gramigna would combine it with the manual ground leveling blade, automating the operation, and in this way inventing the laser controlled leveler. In 1983, the engineer Gramigna began, accordingly, the construction of these machines. A year later, in 1984, the NOVAK company was founded, and sealed by the production of the first leveler with the Aligment laser system. They then began to build the first levels with the blade ranging from 2 to 2.5 m in width and 70 cm in height. From that time until 2000, the NOVAK leveler range became increasingly complete and a sales network was built up, one that led to the sale of more than 200 machines per year.


In 2003, a new model was created with a monolithic tiller head and, for a short time, it also changed in appearance, becoming green in color. After a short time, NOVAK went back to its original colors, red and white, while keeping the main custom features and equipping itself with the very best and latest technology on the market. The commercial network was further developed and was highly received in many foreign countries, among them: Russia, Spain, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Finland.

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