Novak Laser

Levelers, Scrapers

Earth moving

The technology in each one of NOVAK’S levelers and scrapers allows you to move more ground around in less time. Exclusive NOVAK frames, thanks to the blade which retracts towards the rear of the machine, in fact, guarantee considerable movement speed, ease of use, and large amounts of moved material, while at the same time employing a limited amount of traction power.

NOVAK scrapers, modern and functional, allow the rapid shift of the earth from one place to another, with a high execution speed of the work. The particular design of these machines makes it possible to load the material with very little effort and prevents the jamming of the tractor. NOVAK earth moving machines are all made of special steel that provide great strength combined with lightness in weight. Thanks to the NOVAK receiver and to laser technology we can achieve precise results to the millimeter.

Novak laser levelers offer the following advantages:

Investment reduction of 30%

Reduction of work time by 20%

Constructed with inclined planes with 2 inclines that are precise to the millimeter

Overall precision in carrying out work