Novak Laser

Levelers, Scrapers


NOVAK levelers and scrapers constitute a true breakthrough in the construction of roads. Expensive motor graders, with their complex control panels, are no longer necessary, nor are the the expert operators who take care of their running. In fact, NOVAK levelers can be used by all. They simplify the work of preparing the terrain, even in the presence of gradients or dual gradients specified by a project.

The rapidity with which the planes are achieved (± 2 mm) reduces the cost of preparation and, in the absence of dips and ripples, allows for considerable saving in terms of the premium asphalt layer. Moreover, thanks to the absence of such dips, streets made using NOVAK levelers ensure a higher degree of ride comfort. Even small differences in measurements, inevitable with the use of other leveling means, in respect to the few millimeters guaranteed by the NOVAK levelers, generate huge savings on the cubic meters of material employed for the usual work of widening and lengthening roads.

Novak laser levelers offer the following advantages:

Easy operation of the machine

Constructed with inclined planes with 2 inclines that are precise to the millimeter

Saving on time employed by 20%

Investment savings of 90%

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