Novak Laser

Levelers, Scrapers


NOVAK manufactures and markets levelers that allow construction work to be done in an innovative and more effective way. In fact, the reduction in construction costs and raw materials is an increasingly topical subject. NOVAK, thanks to its machines, offers a great opportunity to improve outcome and reduce costs.

When a concrete/cement foundation is needed, the use of NOVAK levelers allows, on the one hand, easily and quickly establishing the proper inclines for water drainage, and on the other hand, a considerable reduction in the use of concrete/cement thanks to the absence of dips and peaks on the casting floor. NOVAK levelers’ ease of use and the fact that the blade’s correct angle is always maintained, regardless of the direction it is used in, simplifies worksite operations and dramatically reduces work times, keeping the gaps between one point and another at ± 2 mm.

Novak laser levelers offer the following advantages:

20% work time savings

20% concrete/cement savings

± 2 mm work precision

Floor's slopes are guaranteed

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