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NOVAK GPS+laser system

NOVAK System: GPS + laser

The integrated NOVAK GPS+Laser system combines and maximizes the advantages of both systems. This system allows using the GPS to obtain the location of the machine on the ground and the laser system to adjust the blade height. The result is high positioning accuracy and ease of movement. This system allows an operating range of about 1300 m.

The operator’s job is simplified through the use of software that guides through the following steps. To use the system, the operator needs to:

Define what kind of grader and levelling blade he will use

After entering the field and activating the system, at first he drives along one side of the field; then, the touchscreen in the cabin will display some arrows and the capturing path to follow with the grader

Based on these movements, the system will automatically detect the ground elevations and at the end of the capturing path, it will create a 3D model of the field making available the following data:

  • Areas where the ground elevation needs to be reduced (in red);
  • Areas where the ground elevation needs to be increased (in green);
  • The highest point, from which to start the work (in yellow);
  • The position of tractor and grader (in blue);
  • The touchscreen will display arrows that indicate which way the operator needs to go to optimize the work.

The processing is completely automated because the system will raise the receiver until it receives the laser beam. Depending on tractor power and grader size, it will define the optimal depth of cut. The system will update the model and the areas where to steer the grader at each pass. This system can also be used by unexperienced operators; the final result will nonetheless be highly accurate.

The processing duration depends on:

Ground condition before work

Type and consistency of the ground

Amount of soil to be moved

Moisture of the ground

Distance between the excavation and filling areas

One example: If the ground plane to be levelled is one hectare (100×100 m), showing a maximum height difference of 20 cm and a maximum distance of 80 cm between the excavation and filling areas, with medium mixture soil and with a relative humidity of about 45%, it can be leveled in 6 hours, using a tractor with 120 HP towing a 4 m grader.

Another example: if the field has once again 1 hectare and was already leveled but needs a higher planarity accuracy to compensate for height differences of 2-3 cm, it can be worked in about 1.5 hours if the other conditions are equal to the example above.