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SOFT NOVAK: Easy-to-use levelling machine

The SOFT range of Novak levellers is very versatile and is perfect for different types of use, especially for small cultivable ground, but also for greenhouses and sports fields.

The SOFT levellers are very light and easy to handle machines, which require a rather low power for towing. They have a basic equipment and the materials with which they are produced are rather light.

Novak SOFT levellers: super light and easy to handle

The levellers of the SOFT range are characterized by a fixed axle, with a version with two or four wheels, and can reach a speed of 7 km/h.

As for the blade, it is a fixed blade with dimensions of two or two and a half metres. It has a manual side tilt, which can also be offered in a hydraulic version thanks to the customisation of NOVAK fittings.

The SOFT is a machine with a typical NOVAK feature: the ability to vary the angle of incidence. As a result, these levellers can work on any type of ground and overcome any difficulties.

Within the SOFT range, there is also an extendable version, the SOFT – 25.34, which allows a variable width from 2.5 m to 3.4 m. The mechanism that allows the blade to be extended is the hydraulic telescopic opening.

The SOFT range of levellers can be combined with the NOVAK laser system.

Livellatrici SOFT: due anni di garanzia e aumento della produttività

To ensure maximum efficiency of SOFT levellers, our company offers a warranty covering all factory defects for two years. We provide full service on all parts of the machine – electronic, mechanical and hydraulic. In addition, the laser system is tested in our laboratories.

For each customer, our team of technical and commercial experts offers specialized advice from first contact to after-sales.

Thanks to these characteristics, the investment allows to return the expenditure in an estimated time around the year. The use of this machine makes it possible to increase the yield and, at the same time, to reduce the amount of water, fertiliser and seed needed. NOVAK laser levelling machines are perfect for adjusting the surface to ensure a certain slope. This improves the ground’s ability to drain water. It also reduces the risk of damage caused by machines harvesting during wet periods, which crush and compact the ground.

SOFT levellers: characteristics of the laser system

SOFT levelling machines can be used with the laser technology offered by Mara. It’s a double slope system, thanks to which you can get an optimal slope for the flow and the outflow of water. In intensive cultivation, it is necessary to guarantee levels with absolute precision. The correct levelling of the ground allows to have an optimal irrigation even when it is artificially generated: the possibility of optimizing the inclination of the ground allows to reduce the time and expense to level it.

In these machines a rather versatile control device is implemented, according to which inclined planes can be realized and it is possible to choose between single or double slope.

High precision transmitters with a self-levelling system are used for SOFT levellers. The Leica Rugby CLA-CTIVE CLX 700 transmitter, for example, operates within a range of 600 meters.

NOVAK is responsible for the production of all components, the laser receiver, the control box with its software, the sensor for controlled tractor effort, block valve with laser cylinder flow regulator and electrovalve. These components and the transmitter make up what we call the NOVAK laser system.

This machine control system guarantees an accuracy of ± 2 mm, which means an excellent levelling result and a reduction in machining time and costs.

Technical specifications of SOFT NOVAK levellers

  • Receiver is not affected by external interference
  • high quality components
  • low oil circuit temperature
  • cylinders tested up to 350 bar with 120 bar operation
  • electrovalve operates at ½ the nominal speed
  • highly resistant materials
  • gear pump with lower operating pressure for a longer machine life
  • water and dust resistant laser receiver
  • long-life wear blade (700/800 hours)