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Novak - Skill-50

Novak and levelling future: the SKILL-50

Novak levellers have characteristics that guarantee quality and precision for the ground levelling: this means significant savings in resources and significant increase in production yield.

These machines are distinguished by the following properties: the blade angle incidence variation, the hook adjustable in height, the presence of the digital receiver holder rod with electronic quota control.

The technology of these levellers allows you to carry out your work more quickly and more efficiently, facilitating the operator and responding to his every need.

The SKILL-50 is used both in agriculture and ground moving and allows you to obtain accurate slopes and plans.


The SKILL-50 leveller in agriculture

Buying a leveller brings significant advantages and allows you to quickly return to the machinery expense investment.

It’s estimated that with the use of this machine it’s possible to achieve a 50% water saving and a 40% productivity increase: this is achieved thanks to the ground levelling precision, which, in turn, allows to reduce the chemicals and seeds use of by about 20%.

These technologies and machines allow a 20% reduction in machining time.


The SKILL-50 leveller in ground moving

Novak levellers are made with special steels that give them incomparable strength but also great lightness.

The operator can rely on the support of a reliable and manageable machine.

The SKILL-50 offers the highest technology, the best quality materials and a practical ease of use.


The technical characteristics of the SKILL-50

The SKILL-50 has a 5.16 m length and a 5 m width for a total 1,980 kg weight.

It has a hydraulic and folding blade and a single-girder frame.

A practical and functional digital control box will allow the operator to control the blade height and adjustment.

It’s designed for both laser and GPS control: laser technology guarantees ±2 mm accuracy on 650 m (radius), while the GPS system ensures ±10 mm accuracy on 5 km (radius).

This leveller has 5m3 of material transported per pass capacity, with a 100 m transport distance (m), all with a 7 km/h finishing speed.