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Master NOVAK leveller is top of the range for agriculture

Master super-equipped and even more with the blade closing towards the back of the machine.

Top of the range: let’s find out why

The MASTER leveller, available in three working widths (5, 6, 7 meters), is the top of the NOVAK range. A super-equipped machine, ideal for agriculture and earthmoving, for medium and large areas. With MASTER you save time by leveling quickly and with great precision thanks to the 1 meter high blade. With the use of special steels, MASTER and all NOVAK levellers are light, robust and fast.

High speed and accuracy with NOVAK axles

MASTER – 50 is supplied as standard with a hydraulic opening telescopic axle, thanks to which the working track widens to improve stability and work precision.

The MASTER – 60 and 70 have the butterfly axle and two three-wheel balancer in the standard equipment; the variable working width together with the three wheels ensures a speed, in the finishing phase, of 10 – 12 km / h in order to complete the job quickly while maintaining the stable leveller.

Among the options applicable to the MASTER levellers there is the pantograph axle which ensures even more speed in the execution of the work as well as maximum precision and stability.

Closure of the blade towards the back of the machine: two machines in one!

The MASTER range has a peculiarity that makes it unique on the leveller market: it can be used with both the closed and the open blade. For those who buy a MASTER this technical characteristic has an advantage in terms of use in two different areas: by opening the blade (5 – 6 – 7 m), normally leveling a ground and then closing it and using only the central section of the blade (2.5 m working width), for example level a white road. In this last case the leveling machine can be used with a tractor that has little towing power and small dimensions.

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