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GREEN NOVAK levelers one machine for many uses

The GREEN NOVAK range of levelers offers machines, available in 2 models, that provide excellent versatility, thanks to the fact that they are equipped with an extendable blade.

The two models are characterized by having multiple working widths in one machine.

The GREEN – 16.25 model is equipped with an extendable blade from 1.6 m to 2.5 m, while the GREEN – 24.33 model makes use of an extendable blade from 2.4 m to 3.3 m.

Green Novak levelers range for sports fields

The versatility of Green Novak’s range of levelers can be taken advantage of by those who need to level fields of different widths and is especially perfect for sports fields.

The NOVAK GREEN levelers, in fact, can be used for playing fields without the need to lift and resurfacing the turf. In this area, it is very important that the playing field has perfect leveling, identifying and eliminating those depressions that form, especially in some areas, due to the movement and actions of players. Removing and replacing turf is a particularly expensive operation, both in terms of time and the actual cost. Green Novak levelers are ideal for avoiding this.

Green Novak levelers for guaranteed 4 perfect slopes.

Green Novak levelers are able to create planes through which there is a quick disposal of water. Due to the ease of use of these machines, the operator can set 1 or 2 slopes, so that irrigation or rainwater can be removed easily, allowing the turf to have the correct amount of water. This is essential not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a functional point of view.

You can also act in the same way when the field is already turfed: this greatly reduces the time to make the turf available for first use.

This will be done by cutting the existing grass so that it is as short as possible, then, soil will be deposited on top and it will be leveled. This is not only a quick operation, but also quite inexpensive compared to resurfacing the playing field.

All of this makes it possible to have proper redistribution of the ground by putting a small layer of soil on top of the grass.Thanks to NOVAK’s precision levelers, perfect maintenance can be carried out by eliminating the dips that players create in particular areas of the field.

Consequently, a low cost and quick return to operation is achieved. On-board electronics allow for two precise inclined planes so that water can be disposed of quickly. In addition, 1 or 2 slopes can be easily set for natural rainwater or irrigation runoff, ensuring greater lawn health and a good result both functionally and aesthetically.

NOVAK levelers are small in size: this allows for great maneuverability and agility, so much so that they can be towed by the same tractors that are used to maintain green spaces and playgrounds.

So, in a short time and with just a few steps, the job can be completed.

The benefits of Green Novak levelers

The levelers in the Green Novak range are particularly interesting machines because of the many benefits they offer.

– They make it possible to achieve a regular slope that allows rain and irrigation water to be properly disposed of;

– They can be used to bring in a new layer of soil and to repair playing depressions without replacing the turf;

– They reduce the possibility of water pooling;

– They provide an optimal aesthetic result even over long distances;

– They ensure slopes accurate to the mm;

– They enable very fast maintenance of playing fields.

Green NOVAK solution: technical characteristics

– Maximum leveling accuracy (± 2 mm);

– Short time for preparing the system (leveling machine + laser system) and starting work (less than 8 hours for a soccer field);

– Need for only one positioning of the transmitter;

– Realization of 4 different surfaces with 1% slope

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